The Consortium


Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (IIT)

The Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (IIT) is characterised by its focus on Intelligent Computing and Networking, ranging from network equipment and communication protocols, to multimodal content analysis with Artificial Intelligence techniques, and, finally, the application of integrated solutions in multiple applications fields. IIT heavily invests on research around Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 5G networks, with significant results on each field. Its close ties with industrial stakeholders and particularly innovative start-ups and spinoffs of Lefkippos Technology Park further facilitate the rapid incorporation of research results in products and services with huge financial and social impact. However, an even more important aspect of IIT’s evolution is its major strategic decision to act as the epicenter of Demokritos’ plan for fully embracing AI and data-driven science for its scientific activities. IIT has already established synergies with other Demokritos institutes, where ICT technologies have been exploited in different domains (energy, environment, security, etc.) through various research projects, especially during 2018.

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Athina RIC

The Athena RIC was founded in 2003 as the “IRIS – Integrated Research for the Information Society”, in order to consolidate and further expand the Greek R&D activities and initiatives in the area of ICT. The new Center initially comprised of the following existing institutes: the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP), the Cultural and Educational Technology Institute (CETI) and the Industrial Systems Institute (ISI). The founding act provided for the creation of new institutes that would cover vibrant areas of digital technology as well as of units that would incubate knowhow development activities that may lead to new major development directions. In 2006 IRIS was renamed to “Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies”, with the name designation “Athena”. The vision of Athena RC is to serve the full spectrum of the research lifecycle, starting from basic and applied research, continuing on to system & product building and infrastructure service provision, and ending with technology transfer and entrepreneurship. The fundamental role of Athena RC is to build knowledge and devise solutions and technologies for the digital society. Its value lies in the unique collection of skills and know-how of its researchers and professional staff and its national and international reputation.

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SOFiSTiK Hellas Α.Ε.

SOFiSTiK Hellas SA (SOF) is a small and medium company for the development and distribution of technical software in the field of civil engineering construction. The main emphasis is on the structural behavior of large-scale constructions. In recent years, in collaboration with Hellenic Research Institutions, it has been developing computational fluid mechanics (CFD) software, initially aiming at the interaction of wind flow and structures to optimize the design of structures sensitive to aerodynamic loads. Flow analysis software is generalized and is also used to simulate fire events in buildings and underground projects and in conjunction with crowd behavior simulation models. It is also used to solve environmental problems, to simulate the microclimate inside and outside buildings in the urban environment, to assess the energy efficiency of buildings, to control thermal comfort inside buildings. Departments of the above software applications were developed during its participation in National and European State-of-the-art Technology Research Programs (more than 15). The company’s clients – about 400 – belong to the most prominent engineering consulting firms in Greece, and about 50 are based in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe.

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Terracom S.A.

Terracom was founded in 1999 in Ioannina specializing in software development and integrated IT and communications solutions. Terracom is one of the largest IT companies in the Greek region, bearing a high expertise in many fields of Information Technology, producing innovation in a global basis and showing a strong extroverted activity, the result of which is the acquisition of many international awards and distinctions. Our primary goal is to provide top quality technology solutions that meet the needs of a globally competitive market. The company is growing rapidly, and new members are joining the staff so as to be a vital part of development and innovation. The company is a member of the Chamber of Ioannina as well as a founding member of the Innovation Greece technology cluster. Since 2019 Terracom has signed an exclusive investment cooperation agreement so as to promote and expand the company’s activities in Greece and abroad with the large investment firm Brookstreet Equity Partners (Brookstreet). Our corporate culture stems from our value to manage the company as a large family and support our people to enhance their strengths and improve their personality through work and cooperation.

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