WP1: End User Requirements, Specifications and System Architecture

D1.1: Report requirements, specifications and system architecture. (M6)

D1.2: Scenarios and criteria for system evaluation / evaluation. (M6)

D1.3: Risk assessment report / preparedness and intervention plan. (M6)

WP2: Development of Subsystems

D2.1: Fire simulation model. (M24)

D2.2: Crowd simulation model. (M24)

D2.3: Algorithms and tools for visual and geometric analysis. (M30)

D2.4: Algorithms and tools for converting 3D geometry. (M24)

D2.5: Internet service interface and database. (M24)

D2.6: Decision support system. (M24)

WP3: Development of End User Applications

D3.1: Application of 3D geometry notation. (M24)

D3.2: Implementation of visualization (creation of scenarios, visualization of results, training). (M24)

D3.3: Incident management application. (M24)

D3.4: Application of citizen guidance. (M24)

WP4: System Integration, Optimization, Control and Validation

D4.1: Functional prototype of an integrated system. (M30)

D4.2: Results evaluation report and system evaluation. (M30)

D4.3: Digital media. (M6)

D4.4: Report on diffusion activities. (M30)

WP5: Feasibility Study

D5.1: Feasibility study report. (M30)

WP6: Trade Fairs

D6.1: Trade reports. (M30)